We Teach Kids About Money
and Help Parents Raise Money-Smart Kids

Do you want your child to learn how to earn, spend, save, and give responsibly? 

Talking about money can be like going to the dentist. We love the results but can we skip the drilling? 

More than 50% of our kids expect us to buy them what they want and support them when they leave home. They spend their money as soon as they get it.* When we don't give them clear guidance and practice with money, how can we expect a different outcome? Problem is...many of us grew up the same way. 

*T. Rowe Price Tenth Annual Parents, Kids & Money Survey Report 2018

A positive relationship to money is a gift
that keeps on giving.

Our Kids Learn About $$ @ Home

We teach our kids about money whether we know it or not. They learn from our behaviors, words, and actions. They learn from peers and advertising and cultural norms with core values set by age seven. By nine, they're sorting out who they are and how they can show up in the world. This is when they connect learning to earning. 

Teaching About Money Early Counts

Money is an activity and a mystery. It's hidden away behind apps and cards, making it even more challenging to explain much less navigate. With limited financial education available, growing economic disparity, and 80% of families in debt, learning about earning, spending, saving and giving  early is more important than ever. 

Pizza Money Camp gives families a fun way to talk and learn
about money through education, coaching, and family engagement. 

Join us for a slice.

Coaching. Workshops. Resources. 

For Parents

Find ease and flow in your relationship to money so you and your family can enjoy life to the max!  We offer one-on-one and group coaching retreats, workshops to sharpen those parentings skills, and a community to hang out with.  

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For Kids

Give the gift of learning to earn, spend, save, and give as a foundation for financial independence. Start with Pizza Money Camp for ages 9-11 on demand and online. Interactive. Complete at your own pace. Join us for a 🍕!

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 " I liked asking my Mom about her first job and liked using the video to make a recording. I also learned about a bear and bull market.

Nina, Camper
Session 1

"This was a picture submitted by one of the campers when asked to draw a picture of her future self. There is so much sky."

Cindy, Instructor
Session 1

"The camp brought about conversations we would not have had otherwise. We talked about our first jobs and why they were important experiences."

Erin, Parent
Session 1